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I write compelling, grammatically- correct, original copy, on any topic that can be researched. I am often employed as a ghostwriter for online and print content. I can write for you!

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Disparity of employment for people of color not Dr. Martin Luther ...

Disparity of employment for people of color not Dr....


Black Friday will arrive early to Walmart and Sears

There is only one day a year that is set aside as Black Friday. Historically, speaking Black Friday has always been the last Friday in November, to be specific the Friday following Thanksgiving....


Judge orders Hostess and bakers union to return to the bargaining table

Unless you have been on some other planet, far, far away, you must have heard the recent disturbing news out of Irving, Texas. Hostess Brands Inc., announced it was closing its doors forever....

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North Korea's Kim Jong-un threatens the United States-international community

Any hopes that Kim Jong-un of North Korea would be less hateful than his father, were dashed following his announcement proclaiming the United States as a "sworn enemy"....

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Prison populations decline; Angel Tree donations still needed for children

Reading the morning paper, do you get the impression that crime in the state in which you live is down?...


Hostess Inc., closes its doors forever-consumers kiss Twinkies goodbye

As hard as it is to believe and for some Americans to accept, Ding Dongs, Twinkies, Hostess Cakes and yes, even Wonder Bread have succumbed to a floundering internal economy....


Sex scandal rocks Sesame Street- Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash denies allegations

Parents everywhere are shocked by the sex scandal allegations facing Kevin Clash, the man and voice behind Sesame Street’s favorite little monster, Elmo....


How to avoid Christmas tree tragedies and other household hazards this season

There are a few things families should consider as they prepare for Christmas....


Chrysler Jeep Grand Cherokee-Liberty recalled by Chrysler

It’s been a year since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began investigating complaints by Jeep owners....


Dr. Billy Graham celebrates 94th birthday-day after election

The day after our nation chooses a new President, the man that has counseled every President of the United States since World War II, will turn 94 years old. Evangelist Dr....

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West Palm Beach Christmas concert will benefit local Palm Beach County School

Charlie Brown asked the question first, "Does anyone know what Christmas is all about?"The race to Christmas is on....


Technology makes the free world vulnerable to terrorism

Technological advances enamor John Q. Public. Society is drunk with anticipation of pending developments that will improve our daily lives, make work easier and place amusement at our fingertips....


The effect of gas prices on Black Friday

It is the intention of retailers to make a killing during the holiday season. If not a killing, proprietors, have visions of breaking even....

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A Look at the Best iPhone Games (Part 2)

We’re back to take a look at the rest of the best iPhone games you NEED to download! Continuing from our first part, these other six titles may not be as well known but just as awesome all the same....