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I write compelling, grammatically- correct, original copy, on any topic that can be researched. I am often employed as a ghostwriter for online and print content. I can write for you!

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Dangerous Mold

Mold is dangerous, which is too bad, since it is basically everywhere. Houses in Canada are plagued with the hazardous fungus. Where there is moisture, there is the potential for mold to grow, and anyone living in Calgary and the surrounding areas can identify with the latent hazards brought on by cold, damp weather, and perhaps most obviously, by flooding. - See more at: http://westridgefinehomes.com/blog/mold-dangerous/#sthash.ZYIHKb2X.dpuf
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10 Myths of Building Green

It must be human nature. Critics that downplay ingenuity have been around for centuries. Swearing by horse drawn buggies, and wagons, some men at the turn of the century were positive that this new fangled, noisy, four-wheeled contraption wouldn’t last. It was after all, not as efficient as a horse. We know how that turned out. We aren’t dodging horses (or what they’ve left behind) on city streets. - See more at: http://westridgefinehomes.com/blog/10-myths-green-building/#sthash.svhJxIgs.dpuf
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Your Nest is Empty and You Want to Renovate

Suddenly the house is a lot bigger, or so it seems. The moment you knew would one day come, but never expected to actually arrive, is here. You’re not sure how you feel about a much quieter house now that the kids have left home, but the extra space is okay. Maybe you could get used to it. - See more at: http://westridgefinehomes.com/blog/nest-empty-want-renovate/#sthash.AVGuaNnf.dpuf


Preserving Calgary's Historic Places

It is unfortunate that for the cost of progress, 20% of Canada’s historic buildings have been demolished. However, there are organizations, like the Canadian Register of Historic Places, that are seeking to preserve old homes and buildings, of which Calgary has many.
Walking into these homes, or just strolling by, is similar to what you would expect from a step back in time; when pedestrians hurried to catch streetcars, homes were manufactured from wood frame, and none of the buildings were more than a few stories tall.

- See more at: http://westridgefinehomes.com/blog/preserving-calgarys-historic-places/#sthash.u3H6oNL1.dpuf