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Ray Burow

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I write compelling, grammatically- correct, original copy, on any topic that can be researched. I am often employed as a ghostwriter for online and print content. I can write for you!

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Civil Rights Movement-Five Key Events to Success

There are countless acts of sacrifice by unspoken, unknown individuals that fed the Civil Rights Movement and affected positive change for the nation; anonymous contributors for equality and justice. These are but five events that stand out....

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2014 Income Tax Season: Avoid Being Scammed

Scammers would like to take full advantage of taxpayers during income tax season, but consumers can avoid being victimized....

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National Western Stock Show-Supported by Rich Foundational History

The history of the National Western Stock Show can be credited to its humble but strong beginning....

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Dr. Martin Luther King Day - Not Just an African American Holiday

Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy of racial equality and justice should be celebrated by every race. The state of the nation, absent his dream, would be catastrophic. It cost him everything-and yet, we are richer for it; individually, nationally, globally....

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Ford Mustang Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Ford Motor Company first debuted the Mustang in 1964. Since that time, the pony-car has "come a long way baby"!...

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Events at the National Western Stock Show - What Not to Miss

The National Western Stock Show is a must see historical event. In it's 108th year, the show will please old and young alike with more events than ever to see and experience....


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Featured Automotive Contributors. Ray Burow View Content · David C. Atkin View Content · Stephanie Modkins View Content · Charles McKelvy. View Content ......


Opinion and Editorial - Yahoo Voices - voices.yahoo.com

By Ray Burow January 8, 2014. Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy of racial equality and justice should be celebrated by every race. The state of the nation, absent ......

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2013 Income Tax - What to Know Before You File

Internal Revenue Service Tax rules change yearly. Knowing income tax rules up front will keep you on track for hitting the April 15th tax deadline, and may provide the information you need to receive a refund....

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How to Live With Alzheimer's Disease

According to the National Alzheimer's Association, caregivers in the United States provide more than $17 billion hours of care for Alzheimer's patients. The disease affects whole families and learning to live and cope with the disease is imperative....